What we do. How we do it.

Empower a Thousand is a 100% black owned company with forty nine individual shareholders and a trust owned by black individuals.


Empower a Thousand Holdings (Pty) Ltd (EaT Holdings) is an investment holding company established in 2006 housing other trading companies which will undertake different investment opportunities in various industries and projects.

As a 100% black owned company we have forty nine individual shareholders and a trust owned by black individuals. The shareholding is 67.1% African women, 18% African men and 14.9% through a trust. The trust has two major beneficiaries, women and men, making the total women ownership in the company to be 74.6%.


Our strategic focus is to grow our investment opportunities into markets and avenues that best suit our mission and vision thereby maximising value for our shareholders.  It is our intention to continue with this strategy thereby investing in companies with a potential for good returns on the investment that we have made.


Our objectives include ensuring that EaT Holdings as a holding company invests in unlisted concerns. High shareholding will be preferred as this would not only give EaT a significant say in these companies but will give a better empowerment position and rating for said companies yielding obvious positive outcomes.

Empower a Thousand’s values are embodied in all their business relationships. 


We ensure consistent and uncompromising
adherence to strong moral and ethical behaviour.


We carry out all our business in a professional and respectable way.


We deeply believe in empowerment of the previously disadvantaged communities of our country and endeavour to contribute to their improvement through black economic empowerment statutes and other avenues available to us.

Empower A Thousand (Pty) Ltd


Montrose Street, Birchwood Court,
Vorna Valley, Midrand, 1686,
Gauteng, South Africa


+ 27 11 655 7125 T
+ 27 82 389 2679 M